Does your cooler have the right capacity?

The biggest drawback with water coolers that use bottles is the limited capacity. As a result there is only a limited supply before a new bottle needs to be opened. If spares are not in stock it could leave a property without supplies.

Plumbed in water coolers have an almost unlimited capacity. As long as you continue to change the filter on the system periodically and your mains supplies are turned on, there will be clean, fresh drinking water available. This means no shortages or worries about when new bottles will be arriving.

Deciding what capacity your water cooler needs to have can be very tricky. A number of factors can influence the consumption rates, including the number of staff you have and the time of the year. For example in warmer months the amount of water the staff consumes will understandably rise due to the warmer temperatures. If additional bottles have not been ordered in anticipation of this it can cause big problems.

With plumbed in water coolers the capacity can change alongside consumption. This means no need to worry about calculating the volume of water staff are likely to require and place orders for bottles in advance. As long as replacement filters are available there should be no interruption in supplies.

At Glacier Water Systems we offer a selection of coolers that can be integrated into your plumbing. There are floor standing and counter top models to meet different requirements. Each of them can offer fantastic capacities, including up to 22 litres of cold water per hour. There are even specific models that can offer several litres of hot, warm, or ambient water every hour.

Our plumbed in water coolers have multiple-stage filtration systems so they remove a large number of impurities from the supplies, leaving them clean and fresh. If your business premises are located in an area where contaminants affect the quality of the drinking water out of taps we have a convenient, cost effective solution.

If you would like help choosing the perfect plumbed in cooler please contact us. One of our advisors would be happy to help. We have a lot of experience and work with businesses all across the UK, catering for their unique needs.

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