It’s hard to fault an under sink filter

You might not think it at first glance, but your standard tap water may not be as crystal clear as you hoped. However, introducing water filters into the mix can remove the likes of heavy metals, chlorine, and the myriads of other contaminants that pose a threat. As a highly reputable supplier of under sink water filters, we are the people to call if you are ever in need of this kind of filter.

In a domestic environment, under sink filters are perhaps the most widely utilised filtration system that you can find. The majority of us use them because of their simple maintenance and installation demands. In order to understand why they are so revered however, we must dive deep and look at all the advantages held by this design.

To begin with, they are an outstanding space-preserving solution. Under sink models are the preferred choices if you find yourself somewhat lacking the space for a bulkier variant. If they are to be installed beneath your kitchen sink, not only will they keep your water clean without taking up precious room, but they will also do this while staying out of sight.

As we mentioned earlier, installing one of these filters is none too great a task. Of course there is some plumbing work required, but many of these designs come complete with instructions so that you can take care of everything yourself. There’s no need for overly complicated maintenance works to retain their functionality either. Aside from replacing the filter itself every so often, there really isn’t much else that has to be done.

At Glacier Water Systems, we have quite the collection of under sink water filters on offer. Our most favoured component is that of the GW1, a stage 5 model that removes the heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, chemicals, and herbicides from your supply, leaving it cleansed and ready for consumption. If this or another of our filters interests you and you’d like additional information, please get in touch with us.

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