Keep yourself hydrated

For over 25 years we have provided high calibre water products for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand the value that plumbed in water coolers can offer, particularly in terms of convenience and low costs. That is why we promote them and encourage clients to seriously consider this style rather than bottled coolers.

Everyone wants to stay healthy and happy whilst at work. If your workers remain healthy, not only will this mean less sick days, but also a greater level of productivity. Excellent hydration is something that contributes to decent health, and one of the best ways to keep everybody hydrated is providing a water cooler.

When we lose 1% of the water inside our bodies, which is equal to about two medium-sized glassfuls, it’s technically considered thirst. This means that your reaction time, memory functions, concentration, and attention span can lower by roughly 10%. Even drinking a small glass of water has noticeable revitalising properties and people won’t end up drifting off during one of those ever-important PowerPoint presentations.

Being thirsty alone is enough to mean that you are mildly dehydrated already. Early signs of dehydration included light-headedness and headaches. Having a drink of water can aid you in relieving these symptoms within half an hour though.

With such an important focus on hydration it is essential that clean, fresh supplies are available. Plumbed in water coolers have the best capacity because there are next to no limitations. Where bottles only have a set volume of water, a cooler connected to the mains that filters the water can provide higher volumes. The only thing that is needed is to replace the filter periodically to ensure as many impurities are removed as possible.

At Glacier Water Systems, our plumbed in water coolers merge charming design with outstanding functionality to provide the ultimate experience. In addition to the coolers themselves, we have a collection of accessories to go with them too, including plastic cups and saddle valves.

If you are interested in our products and would like further details, you’re more than welcome to call us.

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