Knowing when to replace your water filter

Installing a water filter in your home means you are helping to protect your loved ones against the contaminants in your drinking supplies. The resources coming from your taps may be dirtier than they look, which is no good as water is crucial in keeping our bodies in prime condition. A filter can work wonders but you need to be prepared if you want to enjoy clean supplies for the long term. What you need to know in particular is when to choose replacement water filters. The following information should help.

Whatever sort of water filter you have installed, each one will have a cartridge. This part is responsible for doing the grunt work when it comes to filtering water. Over time the filters will become clogged with contaminants and deteriorate. When this happens fewer contaminants will be filtered out. A replacement will be needed.

Here are the things to look out for to determine your current filter is nearing the end of its use:

– The water tastes strange – this happens because the filter needs to be replaced as it cannot absorb anymore contaminants. Obviously the taste in water can be changed by other factors, but it’s more likely the level of filtration has dropped.

– The flow rate has deceased – it’s high time to replace your filter if you notice a drop in flow speed. Why? Thos rate can slow due to the contaminants getting trapped in the filter, therefore clogging the system.

– The water smells strange – again this can be caused by other problems, but generally it’s due to the filter. The smell is produced by the contaminants that have collected.

How often you have to replace filters can depend on the quality of your tap water. If these signs appear often, then you will have to buy replacements more frequently or need to invest in a more powerful filtration system.

At Glacier Water Systems we urge clients to be proactive when they use filtration. Keeping a close eye on the quality of the water and the signs listed above can help you to schedule when you need to replace parts. We also suggest you keep replacement water filters to hand so that you can switch over quickly. That way there won’t be a drop in quality.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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