Why are pressure limiting valves so crucial?

Water coolers are indispensable in numerous settings, particularly during the summer months. Sadly though, as time passes the accessories that come with them can deteriorate. When replacements are required, it’s often the case that people turn to us and our collection of high calibre utensils, which include but aren’t limited to waterblock safety devices, pressure limiting valves, angle stop valves, and PTF tape. Available at wonderful prices, our water cooler accessories should be your number one choice.

The pressure limiting valve plays an important role; if you’re a homeowner there’s a decent chance that you’ve heard this name before. Others however are unsure of what these components are and how they function. In basic terms the valves are designed to prevent pressure from building up in a close system, particularly one used to transport water.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you’d want to lessen the water pressure in the first place. Inside each house are pipes that convey water, transporting it from the mains to places like the kitchen and bathroom. At the very end of said pipes are tap cocks or regular taps that prevent the flow whilst they are closed. If all the taps are switched off and the water is left with nowhere to go, a closed system is produced.

In houses that possess no valve, the pressure that exists in the closed network is left at the mercy of the supply. This will be determined by the local authority, which will set it to meet their community’s requirements. A lack of limitations on the water pressure that’s coming in puts quite a bit of stress on the entire system.

At Glacier Water Systems, our pressure limiting valves are designed to manage water inlet supplies at pre-defined maximums. Being able to endure high pressures and appropriate for both vertical and horizontal installation, our valves are some of the best on the market.

If you’d like to know more about our water cooler accessories, you’re more than welcome to contact the team.

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