Whole house filtration can offer many great benefits

Filtered water is better for your health because the filtration process removes impurities such as heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides and herbicides. A multi-stage system can remove a high volume of these unwanted elements, ensuring the water being consumed is cleaner and fresher. Plumbed in water filters are the best for this because they ensure that all of the resources coming from taps is safe.

A big additional benefit of filtration is that it can prolong the life of kettles, shower heads, and taps. Fewer impurities in the water mean a smaller risk of deposits. As a result you should see less scaling and other issues that result in a need to clean or replace the mentioned items.

Whole house plumbed in water filters are immensely convenient. They are connected to the mains where they enter the property and ensure that all water is filtered as soon as it enters. As a result the resources from every outlet, whether it is the kitchen taps, a shower, sink or bath in the bathroom, will be clean.

With a whole house filter you only need to monitor and keep on top of a single system. This will save you time and replacing a single component is more cost effective than several individual ones. The installation is much quicker too, causing fewer delays and disruptions.

At Glacier Water Systems we have a great selection of plumbed in filters, including whole house models designed to fit under the sink and larger models for utility or plant rooms. Our systems are reliable and have been developed with the utmost care. They are multi-stage so as many impurities as possible are removed.

One of the greatest things about our systems is how long they will last. The GW5 837 for example can last up to two years; all you need to do is change the pre-filter every five to six months depending on your water consumption. The cost can work out to as little as 40p per day for cleaner, healthier water.

If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of the water in your home our products are the ones for you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and for advice about which system is the most appropriate for you.

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