Whole house or individual outlet filters?

Plumbed in filters are the most popular water filtration systems used by homeowners in the UK. A simple installation to connect the filter to the mains and the household can be enjoying higher quality water. The biggest decision to make is whether to opt for a system that only serves a single outlet or choose a whole property variant.

The main benefit of a whole house system is easy to see. It means that water from every single outlet will be pure and have had as many impurities removed as possible. This means the water in your kitchen used for cooking and cleaning will be the same quality as the resources for bathing and brushing teeth in the bathroom.

In addition a whole house system is more convenient, particularly if the household uses a lot of water. When the filter starts to fail, only one needs to be replaced rather than several. This is great for saving time and also means there is no need to monitor several filters to ensure they are replaced when they need it.

A filtration system that only serves a single outlet has advantages of its own though. They tend to be more cost effective and provide better flexibility. For example you could have a filter in the kitchen for the sink but leave the bath, shower and sink unfiltered. In many cases the focus on ensuring that water for consumption is purified is all that households want.

Whatever type of plumbed in filters you opt for it is wise you select a system that can cater for your capacity needs. Select a filter that is only designed for a specific volume or capacity of water and you could find yourself with higher expenses for replacement filters.

At Glacier Water Systems we provide high quality filtration systems. We have both of the above styles available in various sizes and capacities. Each system features multi-stage filtering to remove as many impurities from the water as possible.

You can view each product on our website to get an idea of which meets your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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