Situated between Belfast & Ballymena, & with over 25 years’ experience in the water filter & cooler market, Glacier Water Systems offer high quality under sink water filters, direct replacement NSA water filters, whole house water filtration systems & a wide range of innovative plumbed-in water coolers.

Water is crucial in keeping our body’s cells in prime condition. It is essential to the human body’s survival. Drinking clean, pure, filtered water straight from the tap is healthier than any other alternative.
Glacier Water Systems’ granular activated carbon filters are the most natural, effective & economical way to remove the contaminants in tap water.

Giving employees access to clean, chilled, drinking water, free from contaminants can contribute to improved health & wellbeing in the workplace.
Proper hydration can prevent headaches, increase mental performance, improve hand eye coordination & alleviate tiredness, fatigue & dry mouth, eyes & throat.

Instant boiling, filtered water direct from the tap is the new kitchen essential. Prepare vegetables, pasta & couscous without boiling a kettle or pot. Make tea or coffee direct from the tap with instant filtered boiling water.
Healthy, delicious & pure instant boiling and hot water.