About Us

We are your single source of fresh filtered water

With over 30 years experience in the Northern Ireland, Ireland and UK water filter and water cooler market, Glacier Water Systems Ltd offer high quality water filtration systems, stylish plumbed in water coolers and the revolutionary Quooker boiling water taps.

Founded in 1988, Glacier Water Systems Ltd began by delivering a water filter system for home in the Belfast area of Northern Ireland. Quickly identifying a wider need across Northern Ireland for clean and fresh drinkable tap water, we invested creativity and commitment to establish an exceptional range of water filters for domestic and commercial use, water coolers for homes and offices and Quooker boiling water taps.

Now many homes and business sectors across Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK  are supplied with Glacier Water Systems Ltd products. They are confident in their drinking water from our water filters, water coolers or boiling water taps as it no longer has a bad taste and odour that can come from harmful impurities. We also pride ourselves on offering the international market our products. With competitive prices and quality products, we regularly ship to many European countries including Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

“Guaranteeing to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water”

Glacier Water Systems staff David Magee (Managing Director) and Christina Abernethy (Sales & Marketing Executive)

Some of Glacier Water Systems Ltd staff: David Magee (Managing Director) and Christina Abernethy (Sales & Marketing Executive)

We Believe…

Clean water should be affordable – Our plumbed in water filters cost an average of £1.50 per week and our mains fed water coolers can be rented from as little as £6.95 per week.

Hassle free is key – Available in a variety of sizes, Glacier water filters fit conveniently underneath the sink or in the garage and depending on the model, only need replaced every 2 or 3 years. This means there is no need to use a jug filter which takes up space in the fridge or to change the limited water filter every month.

Businesses can become more green by removing the large plastic bottles of water and freeing up vital storage space by installing one of our designer plumbed-in water coolers. And now, you can have fresh filtered instant boiling water – straight from the tap. No more waiting around for the kettle to boil.

Our customers are our business – Many of our customers directly recommend us to their friends, family and workplaces. They are confident in the high level of customer service they receive from our team and in our water filter system for home, office, school or factory.

Many of Glacier Water Systems Ltd customers directly recommend us to their friends, family and workplaces.

The family basics – As a family owned business, we are founded on family values. We respect our customers time, money and trust. Honesty, integrity and sincerity are at the heart of the Glacier Water Systems Ltd family.