Glacier b4 Plumbed in Water Cooler

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This b4 plumbed in water cooler was created on the basics of the b2 and b3 units but with an innate flexibility allowing it to flourish in all given environments – from boardroom to sports hall. Its compact size, large dispense and flexible water options position it as the premium solution. 

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Glacier b4 Plumbed in Water Cooler

The b4 plumbed in water cooler range was created with the robust design of the b2 with the added flexibility of the b3 unit. This allows it to flourish in all environments – from boardroom to sports hall. It is compact in size, has a large dispensing area and with multi water options, it is the premium solution. We have been supplying Mains Fed Water Coolers NI Northern Ireland for almost 30 years. Free delivery Mains Fed Water Coolers NI, Northern Ireland, UK and Ireland

Direct Chill Technology

The b3 & b4 plumbed in water coolers are built with Direct Chill Technology. This means they are are suitable and capable of high volume usage. Working environments can get quite warm and the b3 & b4 are superior when coping with this environment. The direct chill technology allows the water to be chilled very quickly as it is never static and it also allows the water to remain constantly chilled. What this means in practice is that the chilled temperature of the water is guaranteed, especially with larger volumes of water being used. Because there is no static water, it also prohibits bacterial proliferation.

Key Features

– Ultra-hygienic touch panel button controls
– Dispenses direct chilled & ambient filtered water,  direct chilled & hot filtered water, direct chilled & sparkling filtered water, or direct chilled, hot  & sparkling filtered water
– Suitable for larger amount of people using chilled water (up to 35 litres per hour)
– Auto lit dispense area
– Shrouded faucet for hygienic protection
– High-capacity dispensing area for sports bottles, jugs and glasses
– Floorstanding model comes complete with internal alarmed waste kit
– Sealed, hygienic, direct chill cooling system


Floorstanding 320 x 470 x 1325mm
Countertop 320 x 470 x 415mm
Dispense Height 270mm

Mains Fed Water Cooler Benefits

Many of our customers save over 50% compared to traditional bottled water. Some up to 70%. Call us now 028 2589 0000 for a full cost comparison.

Recommended Environments



For more technical information, please download the PDF Specification for the b4 water dispenser or click on additional information tab.


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