Compact Under Sink Water Filter


Provide your staff and clients with fresh, filtered drinking water on tap 24/7.

This unit can be installed underneath sinks in kitchens, canteens and work stations. It removes chlorine and other contaminants from drinking water, tea, coffee and other hot beverages. The Compact water filter removes the need for large bottles of water and jug filters at the office.

No hassle, no fuss – just clean, fresh water to ensure staff are at their optimal hydration in the workplace.

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Key Features of the Compact Under Sink Water Filter

  • Our flagship and most popular water filter for businesses.
  • Removes chlorine and chemicals making better tasting drinkig water as well as tea and coffee. See more details below.
  • Environmentally friendly, no need for plastic bottles.
  • High performance, up to 2 year water filter for office or any other business.
  • Installed directly on the water line to a kitchen tap.
  • Multi Use – Install and link to boilers and coffee machines as well as drinking water.
  • Extensive 5 stage undersink water filter.

Recommended Environments




  • Removes nasty odours and tastes caused by chlorine and other chemicals by using this water filter for office or workplace.
  • Filters out heavy metals including lead and mercury.
  • 5 unique stages of natural activated carbon, leaving behind the essential salts and minerals our bodies need.
  • Tidier and less hassle, better for health and safety than jug filters, 6 month filters or traditional bottled water coolers and bottles of water at the desk.


  • Glacier Water Systems recommend the replacing of this water filter between 1 & 2 years, depending on the usage.
  • Keep costs down as the Compact does not need changed every 6 months as most water filters on market do.
  • Your replacement has simple push, quick-connect fittings that allow a seamless replacement process.
  • Subscription free.


  • The Glacier Compact water filter can be plumbed through a normal kitchen tap or with a stylish tap that sits neatly alongside the sink (for more details, see additional information).
  • Can be installed in a kitchen or canteen and work station or any where there is a water supply and drainage.
  • Can be installed inline to boilers and coffee machines.
  • All our water filter orders are dispatched with full DIY instructions. 
  • We install our water filters all over Northern Ireland and supply by mail order to UK mainland and Ireland. Belfast and beyond.      

Why the Glacier Compact Inline Water Filter?




For more technical information, please download the PDF Specification for the Compact Water Filter or click on additional information tab.

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