GW5 Whole House Water Filter


The best solution for filtering all the water in your home

The GW5 8 * 37 option is ideal for homes where the water mains supply enters through the garage, outbuilding or airing cupboard. When mains water enters your home and goes through this multi stage GW5 8 * 37 whole house water filter to establish a usable, clean & fresh water supply for up to 2 years.  

Whilst the Glacier GW5 8×19 inline whole house water filter is the better option in limited space situations. It also purifies all the water as it comes into the house. If the mains water supply comes into the home underneath a sink or limited space area, this 8×19 option is ideal for removing chlorine and chemicals, heavy metals including lead, herbicides and pesticides from all the mains water.Mains water filter for whole house.

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