NSA 100s/ NSA 100sx Replacement Water Filter


The Glacier GW1 water filter is an upgraded 5 stage, 3 year direct water filter replacement unit for the discontinued NSA 100s water filter and NSA 100sx water filters. Upgrade your NSA water filter to remove chlorine and many more chemicals plus heavy metals including lead.

Upgrading your water filter is hassle free! You can install your replacement water filter with the same connections as the old model NSA 100s or NSA 100sx – check the connections before ordering.

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Key Features of the *NEW* GW1 Under Sink Water Filter

  • Superior upgraded 5 stage under-sink direct replacement unit for the discontinued NSA 100s and NSA 100sx units.
  • Removes more chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals than the old NSA water filter.
  • Most water filters being sold as “NSA replacements” only last for 6 months. The GW1 lasts up to 3 years maintenance free!
  • Dimensions – 38cm x 10.5cm. Fits more compactly than the old NSA 100s and NSA 100sx.

Installing the GW1 water filter to replace your NSA 100s water filter or replace your NSA 100sx water filter

  • The GW1 direct replacement water filter has the same fittings and is a straight replacement – check the connections before ordering.
  • Check to see how your current NSA water filter is installed – does the filtered water come through a separate tap on the side of the sink? If you would like to upgrade your whole drinking water system, please click on the appropriate drop down above.
  • Complete with DIY fitting instructions for a hassle free installation.

Dr Brian, Co Tipperary, testimonial for NSA water filter replacement.

Why a Glacier Replacement Water Filter?

Innovative – Glacier water filters are designed with Bacteriostatic Water Treatment technology, allowing our water filters to last between 2-3 years.

Natural – Granular Activated Carbon is used in 4 or 5 different stages within Glacier water filters to ensure the filtration process is as natural and organic as possible.



Cost effective 

Cost of your replacement filter £235
That is only £78.33 per year
£6.53 per month
£1.63 per week
Clean, fresh, filtered water for only £0.23 per day


For more technical information, please download the Glacier Water Systems GW1 Undersink Water Filter Specification Document or click on additional information tab.

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