Glacier u2 Undersink Water Chiller

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Gives high performance hydration.

As one of the most practical, reliable and visually striking under sink water chillers on the market, this innovative unit brings a high capacity refreshment solution to any environment.

3 year warranty on all Glacier plumbed in water chillers

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This u2 provides high class hydration unit with a solidly practical and visually striking pull tap, complete with compact under sink unit. Adding a touch of class on the countertop, this innovative range brings a high capacity refreshment solution to any environment.

Direct Chill Technology

The u1 & u2 plumbed in undersink water chillers are built with Direct Chill Technology, making them suitable and capable of high volume usage. The direct chill technology allows the water to be chilled very quickly as it is never static and it also allows the water to remain constantly chilled. What this means in practice is that the chilled temperature of the water is guaranteed, especially with larger volumes of water being used. This makes it the premium choice for restaurants, coffee shops and canteens. Because there is no static water, it also prohibits bacterial proliferation.

Glacier Water Systems Ltd are the only company in Ireland to offer a 3 year warranty on their water coolers.

Key Features

– Two or triple headed polish chrome finished tap with pull down feature
– Dispenses direct chilled & ambient filtered water, direct chilled & sparkling filtered water and direct chilled, ambient & sparkling filtered water in two different capacity units
– Suitable for larger amount of people using chilled water (up to 80 litres per hour!)
– Direct chill cooling system
– Low energy consumption
– High-capacity dispensing area for jugs, glasses and glass bottles
– Simple to operate and maintain
– Discreet, hygienic control panel


Triple Head Tap

Two Head Tap

215 x 240 x 470mm

155 x 240 x 470mm

Triple Head Tap Dispense Height

Twin Head Tap Dispense Height



Mains Fed Water Chiller Benefits

Many of our customers save over 50% compared to traditional bottled water. Some up to 70%. Call us now 028 2589 0000 for a full cost comparison.

Recommended Environments


For more technical information, please download the  PDF Specification for the u2 undercounter water dispenser or click on additional information tab.

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