“Hi David thanks for your e card, just wanted to express our thanks to you for installing our new filter a few weeks ago, we really could not do without the purified water where we live, its make such a difference to, tea, to cooking our veg, to drinking, everything, I thought I would just like to put this on record, and would recommend the water system big time to anyone out there who has a problem with their water and it’s not just clear or tasting right. ”

Linda. Co Down

“When my husband persuaded me to have our water filter installed, indeed I was a little sceptical about the benefits. It is now one and a half years on and I am pleased to say our entire family drink much more water, no dilute orange is used at all, tea and coffee taste much better and all fizzy drinks have gone right off the shopping list. Our children enjoy taking their little bottles of water to school, filled out of the tap and it tastes so much better than the bottled water from the shop. I can honestly say I could not do without the facility and can highly recommend not only the provision of filtered water but the professional, friendly service of Glacier. ”

Annette, Cullybackey

“Prior to purchasing an under sink water filter, we were spending around £12 per week on bottled water and we still were not using it to make tea or boil our vegetables. With our new water filter, the whole family is now using the ‘third tap’ instead of running to the garage for another bottle of water.”

Mrs Lyons, Belfast

“The taste and odour from our tap water put us from drinking it for a number of years. The children are drinking water for the first time in their lives.”

Peter O’Toole, Dublin

“For over twelve years we have had excellent service from your company. Your replacement programme works a treat. We don’t have to worry about the time for replacement as you simply call us every three years.”

John Carson, Bangor

“We had a NSA water filter for many years but had great problems finding a replacement. We found your website very informative and easy to use. When we ordered our replacement GW1 it arrived in a few days. We have your full details for the future and have given your telephone number to some friends who have water filters installed. Many thanks for all you help.”

Mrs P Braden, Devon

“Your service for replacing our water filter with the new GW1 was excellent. The person we got our original water filter from had stopped selling them and that left us with no contact for a replacement until we found you on the web.”

J Simmons, London

“Thanks for the efficient service. We have been using a water filter for almost ten years. When we needed our unit replaced this time, our previous supplier could not be found. After finding you on the internet, we thought we would have to wait for ages to have the new one delivered. Thanks to your company, we had our filter in just a few days. Many thanks”

Mr Holmes, Essex

“Why doesn’t everyone just get a water filter. They would never drink tap water again”

Mr Woods, Templepatrick