Why a Water Filter?

Considering a water filter? Ask yourself these questions

  1. Does your water have an unpleasant odour?
  2. Is there a taste in your water?
  3. Does your water have a strange colour?
  4. Is your water foamy and cloudy?
  5. Are your ice cubes cloudy?
  6. Do you know what is in your water?

If you answered yes to these questions, a water filter is the product for you. See our water filtration products here.

10 reasons to use a water filter

  1. So you want to take advantage of all the health benefits of water? Then it is crucial that you are drawing from a clean source of water.
  2. Your drinking water, tea, coffee and dilute juice will taste much better when using filtered water.
  3. There could be up to 2100 known chemicals in your tap water, including several poisons.
  4. Bottled water does not offer a viable alternative to filtered tap water. The plastic contains chemicals called Bisphenol A and Phthalates. Have you ever noticed how a re-used water bottle becomes brittle over time? That is because the phthalates have leached out of it – and you have drunk them.
  5. Many water supplies are disinfected water with chlorine. Chlorine is bleach and carries risks including potentially causing bladder and rectal cancer.
  6. Bottled water can sit for up to 2 years before going for sale in the shop and can be expensive. Clean, fresh and filtered water can be purchased from as little £1.15 per week with a Glacier water filter.
  7. Several types of cancer including bladder and breast cancer can be attributed to the presence of toxic materials in drinking water.
  8. Not drinking enough water can also frustrate efforts to lose weight. Unfiltered water does not taste good, especially to children. Encourage your children to drink more water by filtering your water.
  9. If you are pregnant, it is particularly important to have filtered water. The EPA have outlined that lead in drinking water has contributed to numerous cases of learning disorders in children every year.
  10. The only way to ensure your water is pure and contaminant-free is to install a point-of-use water filter such as the GW1, GW3 or GW5.