Business owner? We bust the myths you might have about our products!


As it is now half way through the year, the budgets are under way and the sales targets are being achieved, now might be a good time to think about how you could improve the quality of your water at work.

There are alot of myths around our products, and to be honest, alot are founded on nothing more than misinformation.

So why not let us bust through these myths, get you the real information so you can get on with purchasing the product you need for your business.

Plumbed in water coolers are cost effective.

Glacier water coolers can be rented from as little as £6.50 a week!

Most businesses are still using the large hasslesome traditional bottled water coolers with the 19l blue plastic bottles of water. Yet when just using 1 of those bottles per week (and lets be honest, unless you are a one man band, every business will use more than one bottle per week), the cost is much the same...


with a Glacier plumbed in water cooler you get unlimited water that is fresh, clean, filtered and has not been sitting in large plastic bottles for up to a year or two. And then there is no manual handling, no running out, no increases or decreases in costs, no health and safety concerns.

So basically... cost is not just ££.

Some businesses are under the impression that once your mains fed water cooler is installed, that is it.

Well, that is mostly true in that you have little to no daily running of the machine, ie, changing bottles. However, for the safety of your staff, it is recommended that plumbed in water coolers and chillers are sanitised and have a maintenance check every 6 months.

This maintenance is necessary to prevent the build up of bacteria in the water coolers internal and external components. It also ensures it is in good working order, with no potential hazards plus we make it sparkle so it looks good too. Sadly, some water cooler providers do not offer this service!

Water cooler sanitising and cleaning


Oh boy. This fills us with despair!

Staff are the most important asset in a business. Investing in their health and wellbeing will go some way to showing as an employer, you have an appreciation of them.

A Glacier water filter will ensure your staff have access to clean, fresh water at all times. The water will taste great as there is no chlorine, heavy metals or other chemicals in it but a Glacier water filter goes further. Because they have a higher capacity than small 6 month cartridges, often our water filters can service both a cold water tap and a boiler! Or fill the kettle with filtered water for better tasting tea and coffee.

Did you know?

The standby power consumption of overhead boilers is often over 20 Watt.  Kettles are wasteful too as people always boil more water than they need. Additionally, most kettles will not activate below a minimum water level, wasting water and energy when only one cup is needed.

Quookers unique and patented high vacuum insulation minimises energy consumption, with standby power consumption being more than 50% less than tradition kitchen boilers in many cases.

Also, Saving time is Saving money.

In an office of 15 people, up to 345 hours a year a year can be wasted just waiting of the kettle to boil. That is an amazing 8.6 weeks of working time lost.

So how to you class 'expensive'?

Quooker boiling water taps are cost effective.

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