About Quooker

What are the advantages of a Quooker?

With a Quooker, you always have the convenience of instant boiling water, straight from the tap.

Quooker - The safest option in the boiling water tap market

Energy Efficient – Quooker has developed various tanks, all fitted with patented high-vacuum insulation, which keeps the water at a constant temperature in an energy-efficient way. The standby power consumption is only 3p a day!

Safe – This is the safest choice for every household. Quooker boiling water taps have a number of important safety features including a childproof handle. The tap’s entire spout is insulated, swivels and is even height adjustable on selected models. The risk of serious scalds and burns is lowered as the flow of water is delivered as an aerated spray, not as a solid jet.

Time Saving – With a Quooker, you never need to wait for water to boil because it is available instantly.