Cost Comparison Calculator

Cost Comparison Calculator can help you see how much you can save your business by installing a Glacier plumbed in water cooler vrs a traditional water cooler?
Fill in the Cost Comparison Calculator below and find out.
See how much you can save with our plumbed in water coolers.
Some of our customers have saved up to 70% or call us for a free onsite survey in Northern Ireland.
How many bottles do you purchase each week? x Cost
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£  x 52 weeks = £0.00
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Your quarterly sanitisation/maintenance charge (if applicable): £  x 4 Quarters = £0.00
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Environmental charges (if applicable): £  x 12 Months = £0.00
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Miscellaneous charges (if applicable): x £   = £0
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You are currently spending = £0.00 per year

So, let’s see how much we can save you at Glacier Water Systems…
Number of coolers: x Rental per week £  x 52 Weeks = £0.00 Per year

We can save you up to £0 per year!

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