Excellent service and product. Very quick installation carried out and noticeable results in the taste and quality of water.

Elevate, Mallusk
Thank you, great to have good quality water on tap.
A Hefferon
Thankyou so much for my new Glacier System!! Water smells and tastes a million times better! Highly recommend every household on mains water to grt one of these, you will be amazed at the difference it makes to the colour and taste of your tap water!! I LOVE MINE!!! Thankyou again and keep up the good work!!
S Moore
I have had a Glacier Filter installed for 3 years just had it replaced today it was the best decision we made to install it. Keep up the good work.
Arthur B
Clear, fresh, pure tasting water. Thank you for a great, fast, professional service. From home demonstration to fitting. Excellent.
A McCredie
We contacted Glacier Water Systems in 2011 after a recommendation from another company in Newry Co Down. After the initial phone call I was very pleased at how quickly they called out to our company to assess our requirements. The water filter we purchased was installed promptly and it was very effective. The aftercare was excellent also as the installer left reminder stickers and postcards to let us know when our filter needed replaced. I have no problem recommending Glacier Water Systems as we have been very happy with the service they provide.
Hill Engineering, Co Down
Thank you David for your continued great service. This filter and the service that you get from David and his team is outstanding. See you in another 3 years
Thank you David. A real difference to the taste and smell of our water. Very, very pleased and the health benefits will be enormous. Good quick service from your pleasant self. A Great Christmas present from our family.
Lydia A
Our Glacier, whole house, Water Treatment System was installed July 2012 and we now could not be without it. We purchased the unit because our house is situated at the end of a cast iron water main installed circa 1970 and we were fed up with getting water with sediment, and other detritus, in. Since installing our Glacier unit we find we drink much more water because our tap water is like fresh spring water. We purchased a “whole House” unit because, with very limited under sink access, it was much easier and cheaper to install and maintain; it has had benefits that we never imagined and would recommend a “whole house” system to anyone. Our washing machine, particularly the soap dispenser, and dishwasher stay cleaner, our shower no longer suffers from periods of “rusty water”. Probably the best benefit of all – after installing Glacier, I cleaned out all of the sludge etc from my cold water storage tank in the loft and it has stayed clean – we now have drinking water from every cold tap in the house. Unit life was quoted to us at 250,000 litres, that is just about 2 years at our rate of water usage – we had an internal water meter put in as part of the installation. The Glacier people have popped in and tested our water prior to failure and been very happy to tell us the thing is still working properly and did not require replacement at that time. My only relationship with Glacier is as a very satisfied customer.
John S
Excellent product, outstanding service. Your water will instantly taste great. After 6 months i have noticed my family's skin has all improved and this has to be down to less chemicals in our bodies. Thank you David.
A McCauley
After contacting David at Glacier Water Systems he was able to come and visit me the very same day to discuss our needs. He was extremely helpful in helping us choose our system and the cooler was installed within a week of first contact. The installation was done with zero impact to the business day and to date we have had no problems with the system installed. I would highly recommend David and the team at Glacier Water Systems as a highly professional and efficient business.
MCS, Belfast