Why Glacier?

At Glacier Water Systems Ltd, we aim to promote wellness and prevent ill health by advocating the importance of drinking clean, fresh water in the home and the workplace.

We know our customers – with over 28 years in the water filtration, water cooler and boiling water tap markets, Glacier Water Systems Ltd know what their customers and potential customers are seeking. We provide brilliant, unique products, backed up with excellent customer service.

What you see is what you get – We don’t endorse cheap, short term fix products. Each of our products offer quality, longevity, reliability as well as being practical, easy to use and cost effective.

Water filters, water cooler and Quooker boiling water taps

Why Glacier water filters?

The media is the best – There are three basic types of carbon filters: powered, solid and granular. Glacier Water Systems Ltd have invested a lifetime of hard work and dedication into researching these different types and now use granular activated carbon in our water filters as it is most effective. While powered carbon can be an attractive option for short time treatment, it does not filter out as many chemicals as GAC and is limited in the amount of contaminants it can absorb. Therefore it becomes expensive if you want to continually want fresh, filtered water. The use of solid block carbon filters (most commonly used in 6 month cartridges) are expensive and often result in a significant drop in water pressure in the home water system and clog easily.

The technology is unique – Glacier water filters are unique as they contain specially designed technology called a Bacteriostatic Water Treatment. This allows your water filter to last up to 3 years* as the granular activated carbon is impregnated with silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria within the water filter.

How many years? – Most traditional water filters only last for 6 months because they can not continue to absorb impurities from the water and they can be inconvenient and expensive to change. Another reason they need to be changed so regularly is because of the growth of harmful bacteria in the filter which can flow into your drinking water. Most water filters only have a life span of 6 months but the Glacier undersink and whole system water filter life span ranges from 2 years to 3 years*! This is due to the Basteriostatic Water Treatment mentioned above.

*dependant on location, volume of water used and model.

Installation and replacement are quick and painless – If you are located in Northern Ireland, we have service engineers which will install your water filter for you if that is the preferred  option. When ordering your water filter from our website, it comes complete with full installation or replacement installation instructions so you have no headaches. We recommend the replacement dates you are provided with when purchasing your water filter are held to to ensure maximum contaminant removal is achieved.

Why Glacier water coolers?

Our Warranty – We are the only company in Ireland to offer a  3 year warranty on water coolers.

Hygiene – We understand that good hygiene is essential. We supply the next generation of water coolers with hidden, shrouded taps for hygiene protection. These prevent cross contamination from filling bottles around the external taps generally used.

Superior Quality Water Filters for Water Coolers – Our water coolers are fitted with a superior quality of water filter, ensuring chemicals and contaminants are removed, providing chilled, fresh, drinking water.

Customer Service – Glacier Water Systems, based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, pride themselves in first rate customer service. Our factory trained maintenance staff call at a convenient time for you* to check that your water cooler is safe and in good condition. This maintenance is important as it inhibits the growth of bacteria and ensures optimal performance.

*Northern Ireland businesses only

More Choice – As businesses needs and working environments differ, so does our choice of water products. We offer a fantastic range of small, medium and large capacity water filters, 40 combinations of chilled, ambient, hot, and sparking water, counter-top, floor-standing and under-sink water coolers.