Why filter?

Considering a water filter? Ask yourself these questions:

– Does your water have an unpleasant smell?
– Is there a taste in your drinking water?
– Does your water have a strange colour?
– Is your water foamy and cloudy?
– Do you know what is in your water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a water filter is the product for you. See our water filtration products here.


Our top 10 reasons to use a water filter

1. Tap water is not as clean as it looks. Because our mains water sits in reservoirs and travels through thousands of metres of pipework it picks up contaminants,  bacteria etc. Therefore, it needs to be disinfected with chlorine and other strong chemicals. Although this process is needed to get rid of the likes of water-borne diseases, we do not need to consume these additives in our home, so simply filter them out!

2. Don’t dampen your brew.  Logic tells us water tainted with heavy metals and chlorine will alter the taste and quality of our tea, coffee and boiled vegetables. Our much loved hot brews will taste much better when using filtered water. See below what owner Jonny from Middletown Coffee, Ballymena talks about the difference our GW1 water filter made to their coffee.

3. Dehydration. Because many of us are scared of what is in our water and don’t like the smell and taste, we tend not to drink nearly as much water as we should. Drinking water is vital as our bodies use water to regulate temperature and maintain the normal functions of cells, organs, tissue etc. Without it, the EFSA state there is increased rick of infection, impaired cognitive function and reduced muscle function. With filtered water from Glacier Water Systems Ltd, you can confidently drink the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day as there will be no smell or taste and no harmful chemicals.

4. Remove sugary drinks from the home. Basically, we do not like the taste and smell of our drinking water  so we tend to add sugary diluting juices or offer the children frizzy drinks. Because Glacier water filters remove up to 99.7% of the contaminants causing the bad taste and smell, you and your family will be able to drink your tap water and be confident in its pureness.

5. Really?  There could be up to 330 known chemicals in your tap water! 

What is in my tap water?

6. But I buy bottled water?  Bottled water simply isn’t a viable alternative to filtered tap water. Water from plastic bottles is laced with chemicals and microplastics – tests carried out by ORB Media in 2018  found that “in addition to the plasticizers and EDs, microplastics were found in 92% of all bottled water in Europe according to testing of 250 bottles from 11 brands”. Also, bottled water is expensive, mostly unregulated and extremely harmful to the environment. Clean, fresh and filtered water can be purchased from as little £1.20 per week with a Glacier water filter.

7. I am.  Those with skin allergies, weakened immune systems, are pregnant or have general health issues should invest in a water filter. Although we do not claim to treat or heal any medical conditions, the cleaner the better, right? Our filtered water has significantly less irritants, chemicals, impurities and heavy metals so you can be reassured your water is on your side.

Why should I filter my water

8. Because boiling isn’t working.  We often hear people say “oh but I boil my tap water” but here is the truth. You can’t boil off chemicals. A couple of generations ago when all that was in our water was microbiological contaminants, boiling water was a great solution but now we have too many chemicals that can not be “boiled off”.

9. An unclean system.  It isn’t just drinking water which has chemicals and possible contaminants – all the water in your home may have foreign matter. Every time you shower or take a bath, you are being exposed to more chlorine and carcinogens. So not only are you drinking this water, you are absorbing vaporised chemical contaminants like chlorine through your nose and into open skin pores. That is why we have a range of whole house water filters!


10. The truth is we simply have no idea just how harmful consuming heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, to name just a few, actually is. We don’t know what the long term effects actually are. But we can be sure of… it isn’t such a hot idea. So simply do the best for you and your family and filter them out. It’s cost effective, environmentally friendly and hassle free – now that is a hot idea.