It’s official… the new website is here


We all know how fast things are moving online, so here at Glacier Water Systems Ltd we are staying ahead of the game.

While our last website served us well, we have noticed a trend in our industry recently - our customers want a quick, hassle free encounter, while still enjoying the experience.


Potential customers want information.

Information we hear you ask? The internet is full of it!

Well yes and no.

The internet is full of random, collected and regurgitated information which can, in the end, prove to be useless and more than a little frustrating.

So we have taken the opportunity to provide a website where our returning customers can make a smooth purchase, while those looking to learn more can find the real lowdown on water filtration, chilling and boiling. A balancing act really.


  • Easy Access to Replacement Water Filters

    On our previous website, returning customers sometimes found it difficult to find their water filter replacement. Now, simply click 'Replacement Water Filters & Accessories' on the homepage or on the menu at the top of each page.

  • Easy Access to Information

    We are all different with different online shopping needs. Some of us like to know all the detail - the dimensions, the science, the logistics - while others of us are happy with the facts and make a purchase. Our new website aims to satisfy both personalities, and all those inbetween. We have brand new in-depth Specification Docs for all products to add to the basic facts on each page.

  • Easy Access (for us) to give you Sales and Discounts

    The build of our previous website made it difficult for us to offer you sale prices and discounts online. Now, keep an eye out for discounts, limited time offers and seasonal sales.

New website offer 2019

£19 OFF the first 19 orders on our new website for orders over £125.

Don't miss out!