Quooker Flex – Would you use it?

We are curious…. a flex hose in your kitchen tap…. would you use it?

Often we hear that flexible hoses in normal kitchen taps rust, break, aren’t long enough, are too long and basically just not a gadget folk either need or want in the home. But what if there was a flexible hose from a world class company, who have revolutionised the kitchen tap?

Yes, we are talking about Quooker.

Quooker offer a tap that literally does it all. Hot, cold, boiling water, with the option of chilled sparkiling water too, all through one tap – with a Flex hose that dispenses hot and cold water. This Flex extends around a kitchen sink, giving a hand to clean the sink, fill multiple glasses or rinse the dishes. Not only do Quooker think about their products, they are also thinking about the environment. The Flex means you will only use the water you need when, for example, you are washing down the chopping board.

And don’t worry, the Flex will not dispense boiling water when the pull out hose is pulled out. They really have thought of everything which is why Glacier Water Systems are happy to be leading suppliers of the Quooker brand in Northern Ireland.

Glacier Water Systems Quooker Flex Boiling Water Tap

Glacier Water Systems are leading suppliers in Northern Ireland for Quooker and we think the Flex is a brilliant product. It comes in 3 finishes – polished chrome, stainless steel and black, so there really is a finish to suit any kitchens style. We are confident in the both the brand and the product.

Glacier Water Systems Quooker Flex Finishes

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