#shoplocal this Christmas

4 reasons to buy a Quooker

Christmas is finally on its way!

We are getting used to simply lifting our phones and purchasing presents for friends and family online from the big retailers.

Which is great...


This is the perfect time to re-evaluate what's important to us as present givers and present receivers. What do we want to give and what do we want to receive from our family and friends at this time of year? Most of us want to give and receive personal presents with thoughtfulness, love and special written all over it. And how do we do this? #shopsmall #shoplocal

Here are a few reasons why we should all go local this Christmas!


Your spending boasts your local economy

By making your Christmas purchases locally within Northern Ireland, you are supporting someone's business, someone's livelihood and, in turn, someone's family. Also, small and medium businesses often are integrated into their local towns and villages. They employ within a smallish radius, fundraise for local charities, support local football teams and put time into setting up Santa's Grotto. All local, all boosting your economy.

This year the Managing Director of Glacier Water Systems David Magee, along with others, raised over £1500 for the Air Ambulance NI. Many of our customers dug deep to help raise funds for this vital cause. Thank you!


Shopping locally is actually less stressful

You know that feeling of battling the city at Christmas - inevitably we end up spending half the time trying to find a car parking space and the other half playing dodgems with prams and toddlers. Also, you know the other feeling of being very stressed that the item you ordered hasn't arrived yet? Why bother? Just find out when your local Christmas Market is and get there!


Get unique and special gifts

If you are struggling to find that special something for that special someone, chances are you will get it at an independent shop with a super sales assistant who can add a delightful bow or tailor the colour. And the likelyhood of someone else wearing it at the New Years party? Slim!


Deals! Deals! Deals!

Often local independent retailers have the liberty to reward a frequent customer with discounts or offer a freebie with a large order. This means you get the money off what you want, not large impersonal multi-buy discounts of items you neither want or need.

Glacier GW1 inline water filter with Quooker boiling water tap.