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Spring into action


Ok, so we all know how difficult it is to remember everything we need to do in a day. The kids need lifted and dropped to about 100 different locations, the car needs a MOT, the dentist is long overdue, plus the washing needs hung out.

Really, we put our wellbeing and health on the back burner because there are other things that just need done.

We at Glacier Water Systems Ltd want to encourage you to spring into action this year and make some changes that will help you long term.

We do not claim to have all the answers (although your Instagram feed will) but a great place to start is by drinking more water, and not tap water or bottled water... clean, fresh drinking water without the microplastics, the chlorine, the heavy metals or the pesticides.

How much is enough? Around 2-3 litres a day.

Here are some ideas to help you up your water intake this spring. We have been trying out these methods here in the office to see if we can up our water intake too. Practice what you preach!

REALLY spring into action

Add other lifestyle changes to drinking more water to see an improvement in your energy, health and body! We don't mean "completely change your whole entire life in one go and see miracles". We at Glacier Water Systems Ltd are more about proactively making small, helpful changes that are manageable and sustainable.

  • Eat an extra piece of fruit and add an extra vegetable to your daily meals.
  • Do an activity which increases your heart rate for about 10 minutes a day.
  • Stop the extras! Do you really need that fizzy juice? Or that piece of cake?
  • Sleep. It is underrated. Make it a priority to get enough, high quality sleep each night.

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