Super weather for chilled water

The last few days have been fantastic. The warm weather is back and we have been busy installing our plumbed in water coolers across Northern Ireland.

Chilled filtered water for office or home.

So whether you need a countertop water cooler, a floor standing water cooler or an undersink water cooler we have them in stock. Full range of water filters for home or office in stock too.

We stopped a few minutes for an ice cream in lovely Carnlough yesterday. What fantastic scenery we have here. Glacier Water Systems Northern Ireland

Water cooler Carnlough County Antrim Northern Ireland
Water filters. Water coolers. Quooker boiling water taps. Northern Ireland.

Carnlough. County Antrim. Northern Ireland

Water coolers water filters Northern Ireland. Beautiful Carnlough

Carnlough. County Antrim. Water filters. Plumbed in water coolers