Is water quality good in Northern Ireland?

With the recent blue-green algae bloom in Northern Ireland, there have been many people worried about the quality of their tap water. In this article we will discuss the water quality in Northern Ireland and whether it has been impacted by blue-green algae.

Who supplies drinking water in Northern Ireland?

The main supplier of water here in Northern Ireland is NI Water, which provides nearly 600 million litres of water per day throughout the region. They manage 23 water treatment works which provide water to all 1.9 million people in Northern Ireland. NI Water are responsible for the entire process of providing safe, clean drinking water; from the sourcing, treatment and distribution. Their biggest reservoir for water is Lough Neagh, providing over 40% of the drinking water in Northern Ireland.

NI Water is renowned for consistently providing safe drinking water to the population of Northern Ireland, although they have been caught up with some issues nonetheless. In a report from last year, during the period 2017-2021, NI Water has been responsible for 591 polluting discharges into waterways. This brings to light that NI Water is also the#1 polluter of water in Northern Ireland, whilst being the main provider of clean drinking water. People have been rightfully worried about this fact as this means that NI Water must put even more work into cleaning the water which they pollute. With overall running costs already around £460 million per year, it seems worrying that large subsidies for NI Water are possibly being wasted on heavily treating water which could have been cleaner in the first place.

Can you drink tap water in Northern Ireland?

Tap water in Northern Ireland is some of the safest in the world, with 99.91% of water tested being in compliance with drinking water regulations. Even with the unprecedented blue-green algae bloom in Lough Neagh, NI Water has confidently stated that your tap water is still safe to drink. However just because it’s safe to drink doesn’t mean it is pleasant. There are chemicals which are used during the water treatment process which can affect you, despite being called safe.

The main culprit is chlorine. Chlorine is one of the main chemicals used during water treatment and it will certainly be more heavily used as NI Water deal with the explosion of blue-green algae. Even in the small, regulated quantities used, it has a pungent smell and unpleasant taste which many people are especially sensitive to. This will lead them to avoid drinking tap water and prefer bottled water. This could be very costly for large families or individuals who are very conscious about staying hydrated. Not only that, it creates lots of plastic waste through the constant stream of large water bottles being bought and thrown away.

Furthermore, chlorine can have negative effects on your skin and hair. If you wash your hair with chlorinated water, the chlorine can be absorbed by the hair causing it to be stripped of its natural oils. This will make your hair dry out and cause split ends. Your skin will also have similar effects from chlorinated water, the chlorine is absorbed and strips your skin of its natural oils. This leads to dry skin which can make your skin feel tight and itchy. For those with chronic skin conditions such as eczema, it can aggravate their symptoms.

Benefits of drinking filtered water

Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining good health and keeping your body functioning properly. By staying well-hydrated you can reap the following benefits:

1. Better cognitive function

Your brain absolutely needs water to maintain good function throughout the day. Being well hydrated improves your concentration, reduces cognitive fatigue and enhances your memory. A major sign of being dehydrated is having a headache. This is your body’s sign that you desperately need more water.

2. Optimal Physical Performance

This is crucial for the athletes among us who want to be at their peak performance. Being well hydrated maintains muscle function and prevents fatigue, allowing you to power through those intense training sessions and reach your true potential.

3. Weight Management

Drinking water before meals can help reduce appetite and promote a feeling of fullness. This can help you maintain your weight loss goals without leaving you hungry throughout the day.

All of this can be made easier with one of our water filters. By filtering your water you can make it much easier to stay hydrated as you don’t have to deal with the unpleasant taste of regular tap water.

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