Quooker Nordic Boiling Water Twintaps

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No kitchen is complete without its Quooker Boiling Water Tap.

This Quooker Twintap set consists of a mixer tap and boiling water tap in the same design. Both stylish and practical, the boiling water tap from this set is height adjustable with childproof push-and-turn handle and angled spout. 

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 This Quooker Nordic Twintaps set includes a matching mixer tap and boiling water tap so your kitchen is sleek and practical. The Twintaps allows you to save precious space in the kitchen as the space occupied by a kettle is freed up to chop, slice or just sit tidy. The boiling water tap sits neatly on the edge of the sink with the mixer tap while the compact tank sits underneath the sink.

Available in both the round and square shape in polished chrome and stainless steel finish.

What are the advantages of a Quooker?

With a Quooker, you always have the convenience of instant boiling water, straight from the tap.

Quooker Boiling Water Tap - Most Sustainable Option for the Kitchen.

Energy Efficient – Quooker has developed various tanks, all fitted with patented high-vacuum insulation, which keeps the water at a constant temperature in an energy-efficient way. The standby power consumption is only 3p a day!

Safe – This is the safest choice for every household. The Quooker boiling water taps have a number of important safety features including a childproof handle. The tap’s entire spout is insulated, swivels and is even height adjustable on selected models. The flow of water is delivered as an aerated spray, not as a solid jet, preventing the risk of serious scalds or burns.

Time Saving – With a Quooker, you never need to wait for water to boil. It is available instantly – when you are trying out new recipes, going out with a cuppa on the school run or sterilising the baby’s bottles.

Quooker Tank Options


Quooker Boiling Water Tank PRO3-VAQ Tank For Quooker Boiling Water Tap

This Quooker PRO3-VAQ tank sits neatly under your kitchen sink. This gives instant 100°C boiling water on demand through the Quooker Nordic Twintaps boiling water tap. The 3 litre volume of the PRO3 will suit the majority of households.


Quooker Boiling Water Tank PRO7-VAQ Tank For Quooker Boiling Water TapQuooker PRO7-VAQ tanks sit neatly under your kitchen sink, providing 7 litres of instant 100°C boiling water on demand. Larger families or semi-professional cooks may want the 7 litre PRO7-VAQ. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial and professional users such as hotels, catering companies and offices.


Quooker Boiling Water COMBI Tank For Quooker Boiling Water TapKitchens in mainland Europe often have a separate kitchen boiler to provide instant hot water to their mixer taps. In Britain, we often pipe our kitchen’s hot water supply from our main boiler, which can mean running the tap for some time before the heat comes through. Now the Quooker COMBI brings instant hot (50-60°C) and boiling water (100°C) all from a single undersink tank. Quooker’s COMBI tank is a kitchen breakthrough in convenience, water usage and energy-efficiency.

Economical to run, it’s standby usage is just 3p per day.


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