Waterblock Safety Device

£25.00 ex VAT

This is a leak prevention device which stops the water supply in the unlikely event there is a leak in your mains fed water cooler. Can be set to work on any water supply.

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A water block is a flood protection system designed to offer safety against accidental flooding without the need for electricity. Especially useful on mains fed water coolers in office, school or factory. We install these on all our plumbed in water coolers across Northern Ireland and beyond.

Incorporating a mechanical water meter, it monitors a preset volume of water. When the preset is exceeded the unit will close off the water supply. The re-set device is needed to re-set the water block after the unit has been activated by excess water flow. Fitted with an integral filter system.

Can be used on numerous appliances including water filters, water coolers and washing machines.


Max. Preset Volume 50 litres
Min. Preset Volume 5 litres
Min. Working Flow 1.5 +/- 0.5 litres/minute
Life Expectancy 300,00 litres
Approved By WRAS and TUV

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