Spring into action at work


At work, it is very difficult to get everything bang on. There is always something needing done, the marketing plan, the sales pitch, the advertising campaign. And that is just the job!

What about the upkeep of the building? the purchasing? the car parking? the window cleaning?

But most importantly... what about the staff?

Really, we tend to put our employees needs down the To-Do List, along side the annual cardboard box storage clean out.

And that really shouldn't be the case. After all, people are a business' best asset.

We at Glacier Water Systems Ltd want to encourage you to spring into action this year and make some changes that will show your staff you care.

Here at Glacier Water Systems we think the best place to start is by caring about your employees health and wellbeing.

There are multiple companies up and down Northern Ireland who have recently saw the importance of investing in their staff by providing them with clean, fresh (sometimes chilled, sometimes hot) drinking water without the microplastics, the chlorine, the heavy metals or the pesticides.

Here are a few simple steps to help you do the same!

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