u1 Undersink Chiller Complete Install with u1 s1 20ltr tank. Compact and stylish. Great for restuarants, coffee shops and others in the hospitality industry.

Chill out at home with our undercounter water coolers this summer


Summer is definitely underway isn't it! Lots of us will have been to sandy beaches, mountain peaks and pebbled lakes and sometimes it is hard to re-adjust back into the day to day of life.

But who says summer only happens when you are in a different country? Who says it can't happen when you are at home?

Imagine some BBQ meats, a few salads, the patio brushed, the deck chairs out... (alternatively should we get good old Northern Ireland weather... A burger under the grill, the table set and ice-cream napkins to make us feel better). Add to this festive feast, a beautiful jug of clear, filtered, chilled and sparkling water! Some blueberries and lime in there and your summer is now complete!

But how do we achieve this added summer extra?

Borg Counter top water cooler

Let us introduce the Glacier u1 under counter water chiller

A sleek and beautiful tap complete with a compact under counter unit.

This water chiller is just the bees knees.

It has a polished chrome electronic tap which is installed on the side of the sink. While the tap can be installed like the above tap, it is also possible to install it at your normal kitchen tap making it convenient and accessible, as long as there is drainage. This tap is distinctive in design but also innovative as it can dispense either chilled and ambient water or chilled, ambient and sparkling water.

The compact under-counter unit fits unobtrusively out of sight, enabling the U1 to seamlessly integrate into any cupboard.

Glacier B4 under Counter water cooler

Alternatively, why not add the Glacier b4 to the countertop?

A compact countertop water cooler available in 3 colours with multiple water options for the home.

This hygienic and ergonomic counter top water cooler is great for multiple uses through out the year, not just the summer.

It has a compact but large dispensing area which means jugs, bottles and sports bottles can fit easily for filling up.

Available in black, silver or white with water options such as chilled and ambient, chilled, ambient and sparkling or chilled, sparkling and hot for the winter months.

Really it is all your water needs in one unit.


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