99.999% bacteria-free

Did you know all our office water coolers are laboratory certified to be 99.999% bacteria-free when leaving the factory? Our mains fed water coolers installed in Belfast and all Northern Ireland include our planned service contracts which help to maintain this. For more information call us on 028 2589 0000 Glacier Water Systems, water cooler Northern Ireland

u1 Undersink Chiller Complete Install with u1 s1 20ltr tank. Compact and stylish. Great for restuarants, coffee shops and others in the hospitality industry.

Chill out at home with our undercounter water coolers this summer

Summer is definitely underway isn’t it! Lots of us will have been to sandy beaches, mountain peaks and pebbled lakes and sometimes it is hard to re-adjust back into the day to day of life. But who says summer only happens when you are in a different country? Who says it can’t happen when you are at home? Imagine some …