Stay hydrated during this virus outbreak!

Drinking water will not stop you getting COVID-19┬ábut drinking more water does boost your immune system and is a great thing to do as your first line of defence against the virus.One of the only preventative measures we can take ourselves against this crazy virus is to stay as healthy as possible. This is why we at Glacier Water Systems …

We are still here

We at Glacier Water Systems just wanted to let you know we are still open for business! Of course we are obeying the governments latest advice about self distancing so we are not ‘on the road’, but we are fulfilling all telephone and online orders. If you would like a new or replacement water filter, please order online and we …

Unprecedented times | Glacier Water Systems and COVID-19

Hi all. Just a little update from Glacier Water Systems Ltd here in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, reference the COVID-19 virus. Like so many businesses across the world just now, we are having to make adjustments. It seems surreal but we must do all we can to protect our healthcare system, our elderly and vulnerable and ourselves. We would like to …

Prevent cross contamination

Our range of water coolers have the next generation of concealed taps to prevent cross contamination when using refillable water bottles. While this is not a cure for Coronavirus it helps to take every precaution to prevent cross contamination. Plumbed in water coolers Glacier Water Systems

99.999% bacteria-free

Did you know all our office water coolers are laboratory certified to be 99.999% bacteria-free when leaving the factory? Our mains fed water coolers installed in Belfast and all Northern Ireland include our planned service contracts which help to maintain this. For more information call us on 028 2589 0000 Glacier Water Systems, water cooler Northern Ireland