4oz White Paper Cones

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Box of 5000 4oz Paper Drinking Cone with PE Lining. 


  • Cost Effective Hydration
  • Tight-seal seams ensure leak proof performance.
  • Dispense cones with any of Glacier Water Coolers.

4oz White Paper Cones are popular in factories, schools and gyms. The idea for 4oz White Paper Cones is quick and easy; grab a cone full of water, drink it, dispose it. The cone shape means there is no half consumed cups sitting around, keeping the working area clean and tidy. Done. 

Ideal to use with a smoked cup dispenser on all our plumbed in water coolers or compact water filter.

Colour White
Item Weight 8.56 Kg
Package Dimensions 45 x 37.8 x 37.4 cm

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