Glacier t3 Tap System


Enable your employees to fill their bottles quickly and conveniently with our high-end tap water filter systems. Our filtered water taps deliver a consistent flow of purified drinking water. Energy-efficient and easy to install with an emphasis on hygiene – improve your organisation’s eco-credentials and core values.

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Glacier t3 Tap System

T3 is our first-ever drinking water tap system with a hot option, and it’s distinctly Glacier Water Systems. The newest addition to our next-generation product suite, it’s built from the ground up with premium aesthetics and our most advanced dispensing innovations.


The Technology

T3 is a hot tap for all seasons. We’ve pushed the boundaries of design to build a four-way tap system that in no way sacrifices water quality, performance, energy efficiency, or aesthetics. We’ve solved one of the biggest challenges of hot water dispensing, temperature control. T3 dispenses hot water at 92 degrees and then chilled or sparkling water from the same tap without heat transfer to chilled water feeds or the faucet.

Key Features

– Uncompromising original design
– Dispenses Chilled, Ambient or Hot / Chilled, Ambient, Hot & Sparkling
– Cool touch
– Single undercounter ProCore®
– Future-proof digital connectivity
– Cutting-edge UV protection built-in
– Energy-saving ECO mode
– Plug and play installation
– Bluetooth® Alarmed Waste Kit



ProCore 320x471x400mm
ProCore + 320x471x400mm
Procore Tap Height 338mm
Procore + Tap Height 338mm

Mains Fed Tap System Benefits

Many of our customers save over 50% compared to traditional bottled water. Some up to 70%. Call us now 028 2589 0000 for a full cost comparison.

Recommended Environments



For more technical information, please download the PDF Specification for the t3 Tap System or click on additional information tab.